Headband Yeti – Blue

This warm headband made of wool and Thermo Stretch keeps you warm and provides comfort. Appealing, vibrant colours and well-selected materials make it fashionable and practical.



This warm headband Yeti – Orange will perfectly complement the wardrobe of those who plan winter trips to the mountains, skiing, ski touring, strolling around the city or simply walking their dog. It has all the necessary advantages that put it on our bestseller list. It offers a remarkable look – vivid contrasting colours and a selection of materials ensuring comfort and warmth.

The outer part of the Yeti headband is made of wool, which perfectly insulates the head and protects against the cold. Apart from boosting insulation, acrylic makes the headband soft and easier to wash and maintain. Polyamide helps in moisture-wicking.

To make this winter headband even warmer for you and give you even more thermal protection (for your forehead and ears), we put a band from Thermo Stretch on the inside. This material is very breathable and absorbs moisture from the skin surface and immediately wicks it away.

Thermo Stretch properties:

- fibres stretching in four directions that don't restrict movement

- very quick moisture wicking keeps the skin dry

- high level of breathability

  • universal winter headband for expeditions and urban life
  • carefully selected thermal fibres for cold protection
  • wool keeps you warm, acrylic enables thermal insulation and makes the maintenance easy, polyamide allows for moisture wicking
  • Thermo Stretch material on the inside keeps your sinuses and ears warm and instantly wicks away moisture
  • unisex
  • universal size
  • measurements: 23 cm wide, 9 cm high (without stretching)
  • composition: 70% acrylic, 15% polyamide, 15% wool; Thermo Stretch: 84% polyester, 16% elastane; GSM: 230 g/m2
  • wash at 30°C using the hand wash mode
  • designed and manufactured in Poland by ATTIQ