Morpho technical compression running shorts; they fit the body like a second skin, protect against injuries; easily accessible pockets on the sides + zipped pocket on the back.



Men's compression running shorts Morpho

In running, every item of clothing matters. Our comfort, well-being, results, not rarely health, depend on a well-chosen clothing set. One of the most important are good shorts. But what to choose? As they say "the devil is in the details". That is why we have prepared for you runners, in one Morpho running collection, three most popular models of shorts. Running shorts, the so-called competition, 2-in-1 running shorts (shorts + leggings) and short compression shorts for running (knee-length compression tights).

Technical compression running shorts Morpho are made of two best-selling ATTIQ running shorts: Expert compression shorts and TITANIUM compression shorts for running. Our designers used all the best features of both models to create irreplaceable ultra light, ultra good, ultra breathable running shorts for the most demanding.

The Morpho men's compression running shorts are made of a completely different matte compression Lycra with a smooth texture. We run farther, longer and faster. In order to better deal with fatigue and be able to regenerate faster between trainings and competitions, we use innovative technologies offered in sport. One of the latest innovations that is very popular with runners, triathletes and cyclists is compression

Lycra adapts very well to the body (like a second skin) while guaranteeing full freedom of movement, protects against UV radiation, breathes and dries quickly. Compression accelerates regeneration processes and reduces the feeling of fatigue, supports blood circulation and oxygenates the muscles, accelerating the release of toxins.

In order to feel the effect of compression, it is recommended to use compression during long and demanding workouts and immediately after exercise. At short distances, we may not be able to feel the effect of compression. Remember that applying compression does not eliminate fatigue 100%, but it can slow it down and reduce it, while supporting muscle regeneration.

The running shorts have a flexible, pressure-free cuff with a silicone print, which prevents the legs from being lifted up, at the same time does not compress and does not cause discomfort while running. Two easily accessible pockets on the sides + rear pocket closed with a zipper. Comfort and convenience are increased by the possibility of adjusting the waist (from the inside with an elastic drawstring).

  • modern, compressive, technical Morpho shorts
  • compression lycra increases muscle performance and protects against micro-injuries
  • flat elastic seams
  • two easily accessible mesh pockets along the side panels, dimensions 9 x 9 cm
  • with a zippered pocket measuring 22 x 8 cm
  • adjustable waist (drawstring from inside)
  • leg length - above the knee
  • YKK zipper
  • composition: compression lycra 65% polyester + 35% elastane; 190 g / m2 basis weight
  • wash in 30 degrees C for hand wash
  • designed and produced in Poland by ATTIQ
    Sizing chart
    Size S M L XL XXL XXXL
    Your waist size 76-84 82-90 90-96 96-102 102-108 108-116
    The circumference of the pants at the waist (without stretching) 64 70 76 82 88 94
    Front crotch depth  26,5 27 27,5 28,5 29 29,5
    Back crotch depth 31,5 32,5 33,5 34,5 35,5 36,5
    Outer leg length from the waist 48 49 50 51,5 52,5 53,5
    Inner leg length from the crotch 24,5 25 25,5 26,5 27 27,5

    The dimensions given in the table may vary by +/- 1 cm.