The Morpho DVlite running vest with a membrane protects against wind and rain. Resistance to water prespiration (water column) - 10000 mmH2O, breathability - respiration 18000 g / mq / 24h. It takes up little space and is easy to put into your pocket. It's worth having it when the weather surprises us or when we go to training in the early morning or in the cold evening.



Men's running vest Morpho DVlite

The Morpho running collection is a collection for the whole year. In addition to light, i.e. summer items, this collection also includes something for autumn chill and insulation for winter running. Each of us has found out that clothing is especially important for running in the colder and less sunny seasons of the year. Autumn and winter are not easy to maintain thermal comfort. That's why folk wisdom says wear onions or in layers.

For the Morpho summer running set, you can choose a few warmer positions, e.g. a warm Morpho running sweatshirt with a hood, Morpho running tights and a Morpho DVlite running vest. The Morpho DVlite men's running vest is light and compact (fits in a medium-sized pocket). The Morpho DVlite vest is an accessory that fulfills its function but does not constitute a burden. It can be used during warm-up, starts in cold weather or it can be a layer of insulation for the Morpho jogging jacket. For greater comfort, the vest has been divided into a protection zone (water and wind) on the front and a dp (deep breathability) ventilation zone on the back. The protection zone is made of a breathable and waterproof Event membrane that protects against wind and rain. A permanent sublimation print is applied to the two-layer membrane. The ventilation zone is made of a thin mesh with a structure of "small diamonds" to help drain moisture.

Men's running vest with Morpho DVlite membrane fits perfectly to the body. The front and back (neck) membranes are made, which provides protection against wind and rain. On ascents, air circulation and protection against overheating are provided by a ventilation panel on the back. The vest has a long YKK zipper at the front, which makes it easy to unfasten, put on and take off and, if necessary, support ventilation. The two outer pockets are finished with an elastic band that prevents items from falling out of the pocket, and the central, waterproof closed pocket protects valuable items (phone, watch, etc.) from loss and damage. The bottom of the vest finished with a rubber cuff with a silicone print prevents the vest from being pulled up. A reflective element on the pockets on the back will further increase your visibility and safety.

The Morpho DVlite running vest meets the three basic assumptions of a runner: nice, more importantly good, and most importantly comfortable and functional.

Maintenance of outerwear eVent® fabrics - the original fabric maintenance manual is available on the fabric manufacturer's website

1. Secure all locks and closures.

2. Machine wash at warm temperature (110 ° F / 40 ° C) with a high-performance cleaner such as Nikwax® Tech Wash.

3. If you decide to use conventional liquid laundry detergent, we recommend a second rinse to remove all traces of detergent from the fabric.

4. Tumble-dry using the low temperature setting to rejuvenate the garment's Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish.

5. Do not use fabric softeners, bleach or stain removers, and never dry-clean the garment.

6. We do not recommend using an iron to rejuvenate the DWR finish, as too hot an iron may irreversibly damage the fabric.

The fabric has a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish. DWR serves as an invisible first line of defense in wet conditions, and when used properly, it causes moisture to accumulate on the surface of the fabric and quickly wick away. The DWR finish will deteriorate over time and will need to be refreshed. An easy way to check the DWR finish of a garment is to spray lightly with water to see if any water is dripping or absorbing through the fabric. Once the fabric has dried, it's time to bring the DWR finish to life. When it is time to refresh the DWR finish, it is recommended to use a Nikwax® TX.Direct Wash-In or TX.Direct Spray-On refill product.

  • lightweight, compact vest, can be put into a pocket
  • fitted cut
  • ergonomic cut, does not restrict movement
  • front and back (neck) made of membrane
  • back - made of mesh guarantees proper air circulation
  • 3 pockets on the back, two outer pockets easily accessible + the middle one, closed, waterproof
  • elastic rubber cuff prevents the vest from being pulled up
  • reflective elements to aid visibility
  • YKK zippers
  • membrane 2L Event - Resistance to water prespiration (water column) - 10000 mmH2O, breathability - respiration 18000 g / mq / 24h
  • material composition - 93% polyester, 7% tetrafluoroethylene; ventilation mesh - 100% polyester
  • maintenance manual available at
  • washing: 30 degrees. C
  • designed and produced in Poland by ATTIQ
Sizing chart
Men's Running Vest Morpho DVlite 
Your chest dimension 78-86 84-92 90-98 96-104 102-110 108-116
The circumference of the vest on the chest 92 98 104 110 116 122
The circumference of the vest at the waist 84 90 96 102 108 114
The circumference of the vest at the bottom 89 95 101 107 113 119
Vest length at the back  from the neck (without a collar) 65.5 68 70.5 73 75.5 77
Side length from armpit 39.5 41 42.5 44 45.5 46

The dimensions given in the table may vary by +/- 1 cm.